Everybody Loves A Champion….So Should You!

In Cleveland, everything we do is about being able to call ourselves a Champion!  At Surface Engineering, the very same attitude and mentality is in place – it is all about being a Champion.

As we know, just being around a long time does not make you a champion – the Browns, Indians and Cavs have been around a very long time and we have 1 Championship in recent history to show for it.  Being around a long time makes you Experienced.

They say Champions are not only made by what they do on the field or court, but also what they do off the court when no one else is looking –  this is Integrity and Determination.  A Champion also learns to train their bodies to be able to work through an entire season at a consistently high level – this is Endurance.  A Champion knows how to overcome adversity and does not run away from a difficult situation – this is Commitment.  Most importantly, a Champion is not made up of just one of these qualities (Experience, Integrity, Determination, Endurance and Commitment), but rather all of them.  Without every one of them, you are just another team trying to do your best.  With all of them YOU ARE THE BEST!

Surface Engineering has been around for 48 years, an incredible accomplishment in a day and age where many businesses do not last more than 5 years – we are Experienced.  Surface also works tirelessly to make sure we are preparing behind the scenes to give your parking lot what it needs all while meeting the expectations you deserve – We are Determined and our Integrity is the greatest thing we have to stand by.  Our crews know what it takes to get a job done and done the right way, we are trained to endure a short season (dictated by Cleveland weather) packed with larger and more voluminous projects than any other asphalt maintenance professional in Northeast Ohio – We have the Endurance required to complete the job.  While we hope every job is installed perfectly and without any issues, we understand that sometimes that is not possible.  When there is a problem, Surface Engineering is right by your side every step of the way.  Our professionals will offer solutions, not more problems.  We will do whatever it takes to make the job right and at a fair and competitive cost.  This is our Commitment to you!

What makes Surface Engineering a Champion is not only the fact that we have Experience, Integrity, Determination, Endurance and Commitment but that we have maintained all of these qualities over the course of our 48 year history.  When we arrive on the job site, we attack it with efficiency, professionalism and a proven winning approach.  This makes us a really good contractor but, as our Founding Owner always says, “you won’t know how good we really are until there is a problem” –  if that happens, we will be there for you!  Everybody Loves a Champion…So Should You – that is why Surface Engineering should be your Pavement Maintenance contractor of choice.  We don’t just do our best – WE ARE THE BEST!



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