Spring is a Time For “Plants” to Open Up

While the title of the Blog has a little bit of a play on words, the fact is that it is 100% true.  With the warmer weather and all of the rain we are seeing flowers and plants are opening up all over the city….likewise, so are the Asphalt Plants in Cleveland.  What does this mean for your parking lot?  It means you can be one of the first projects of 2017 and therefore one of the best looking parking lots around before any other.

Having one of our estimators out to your property to evaluate your parking lot needs is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Surface Engineering Representative today – there are 3 ways:
    1. Call our Customer Service Team at 216-531-7730
    2. E-mail us at contact@surface-engineering.net
    3. Request a No Obligation Analysis online at www.surface-engineering.net (select No Obligation Analysis in the top right corner)
  2. Meet with your representative or have them take a walk through your lot and send you their analysis;
  3. Receive a detailed proposal, complete with images and pricing, via e-mail and US Postal Service;
  4. Review your proposal and let us know if you have any questions;
  5. Sign off on your proposal and fax (216-481-8555) or e-mail it back to your representative;
  6. Schedule your project right away!

If you are saying to yourself “what’s the rush?, I can do this anytime before the Winter.” we recommend that you read our blog from last week titled “April Showers Bring December Potholes“.  There are significant advantages, both aesthetically and financially to having your project completed early.

To learn more, contact your Surface Engineering Representative today and visit the Asphalt Learning Center.

Surface Engineering is your Partner in Pavement Maintenance since 1969!  Visit us on the web at www.surface-engineering.net today!


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