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Overlay of the existing pavement and Installing new asphalt.

An overlay is generally 2 inches of new asphalt paved over the existing asphalt. Typically, a ½ inch scratch leveling course is paved, as necessary, to level out the parking lot and then a 1 ½ inch surface course is paved over the scratch leveling course. 

When deciding to overlay in lieu of grinding the parking lot, Surface Engineering will consider the following: 

  • Curb reveal – do you have enough curb reveal to overlay the parking lot and still have curb reveal remaining when paving is completed?
  • Condition of pavement – is the pavement fractured but solid and strong or is it broken and falling apart?
  • Condition of the sub base – is the parking lot able to handle the weight of a grinder or will it cause further damage to grind?; 
  • Budget – an overlay is more budget-friendly than grinding and may be a more viable option if pavement conditions are ideal.

Grinding the existing pavement and Installing new asphalt.

Grinding or Milling Existing pavement down, generally 2-4 inches, is an another resurfacing option. Grinding a parking lot before paving new asphalt eliminates reflective cracking and allows for the entire parking lot to be leveled before the surface course of asphalt is paved.

Grinding a parking lot offers an opportunity to inspect the aggregate base and re-grade if necessary. When grinding, it’s important to analyze existing drainage and install new drainage where necessary.

When deciding to grind in lieu of overlaying a parking lot, Surface Engineering will consider the following:

  • Curb reveal – when curb reveal is minimal or non-existent milling may be required to achieve or maintain proper curb reveal;
  • Condition of pavement – when the pavement is busted up or falling apart grinding may be the only option as an overlay will not be effective;
  • Condition of the sub base – is the parking lot able to handle the weight of a grinder or will it cause further damage to grind? Is the base soft and require undercutting?

Northeast Ohio Paving FAQ

You should expect a  Northeast Ohio parking lot to last approximately 15 years with proper maintenance.

You should sealcoat your parking lot every 2 to 3 years based on traffic patterns.

We recommend that you sealcoat your lot the first year after installation. Regular maintenance  such as crack sealing and line striping should be performed every 2-3 years. Also temps need to be at 50 degrees and rising. May through October.

Crack sealing should be performed as part of your regular asphalt maintenance program, every 2-3 years in Northeast, Ohio.

Yellow is the best choice for line striping in northeast Ohio due to its weather patterns.

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