Parking Lot Maintenance

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Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing is the process of applying a rubberized crack sealing material, hot or cold pour, into a crack for the purpose of sealing the crack to prevent moisture penetration. Generally, cracks that are sealed are ¼ inch or wider and spread throughout a parking lot. It is not feasible or practical to crack seal an area that is alligatored or contains a high crack density. Crack sealing is one of the most important things a company can do as it prevents moisture from penetrating the pavement which can lead to potholes and deteriorating pavement.

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair is the process of patching or repairing an area of pavement that is fractured or broken. Repairs can be done in the form of Surface Patching, which is a neatly squared off patch that is placed in the pothole and on top of the surrounding pavement. Another form or Asphalt Repair would be Cold Patching. Cold Patch is commonly used during the Winter months when asphalt plants are closed and potholes are unbearable. Cold Patch is considered a temporary patch and can only be placed directly in a hole that is ¾ inch or deeper. Cold patch can also be used when small holes begin to first appear on a parking lot. A third form of Asphalt Repair would be a Dig-out. This is when the area to be repaired is dug out with a backhoe, excavator or saw cut and dug out by hand, typically at a depth of 2 inches. Then hot asphalt is placed into the area at a depth of 2 inches after compaction. Edges/Seams should be gutter sealed on dig-out repairs.
parking lot maintenance

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